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Welcome to the Woodville, TX sports training institute website!

We are primarily a basketball training organization but are also beginning to offer specialized help with golf and football by bringing in other local experts.

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Basketball training skills: increasing the vertical jump

There are many elements in training a complete basketball athlete. These elements include agility, shooting, jump training, the mental game and more. Basketball jump training is an essential element in the overall development of a world-class basketball player. If you are a basketball player or coach, then you understand how important the vertical jump is in the game of basketball.

Having an explosive vertical jump is a critical part of a players' ability to rebound, block shots, shoot a jump shot and dunk. Basketball players that have an explosive vertical jump can perform these skills more effectively and efficiently. For a full guide take a look at these exercises to increase vertical jump from Piranha Sports.

If you need more resources to get into basketball shape, see these sports fitness training online resources.

Basketball jump training exercises


The squat is the most useful exercise to increase vertical jump...if performed correctly.

  • Start in an athletic stance.
  • The bar should be set over the upper back - not the neck.
  • The chest should be out. The back should be tight with a slight forward lean.
  • The knees should remain directly above the feet.
  • Squat to a parallel position, keeping your weight on the heels.
  • Concentrate on technique to ensure your safety.


Lunges are made in one of two ways...Holding dumbbells or with a bar across the upper back.

  • Step forward as far as possible without leaning forward with your
    upper body.
  • Step until your front knee is at a 90-degree angle.
  • Step back to starting position in one step.
  • Perform ten lunges with one leg, and then repeat with the other.

Do you want to see these simple exercises right? Well, I said I would not fluff around (there are plenty of other sites that do that), so I will give it to you straight. That is what you need right?

Well, without further ado... the two most practical, simple exercises you can start right away:

  1. Skipping
  2. Box jumps

By starting with these two simple exercises, you will build a strong base to launch from. They are plyometric exercises that train the fast twitch muscles used in jumping and sprinting (two of the most critical areas of basketball).

How to do these exercises for maximum gain:


The trick with skipping is to mix it up as much as possible. For maximum vertical jump, it is best to jump rope from your toes because this will help to strengthen your calf muscles. Try and do it as fast as you can for 1 minute and then ease it off the next minute then goes as fast as you can again. It is this sort of interval training that will be most effective. Also, try not to stay in the one spot and keep moving around.

Box Jumps

For this, you will need a sturdy box or crate (or a weight bench if one is available). You start on the floor facing the table. Bending down with your knees and keeping your back straight, explode up as fast and hard as possible onto the box. As soon as you land on the box, jump off backward back to the starting position.

Remember to land softly with your knees bent. This critical because it teaches you the correct form so that you can fall softly from your massive heights. A variation of this exercise is to start on the box, step off it and as soon as you hit the ground explode up as high as possible.

Remember to blow as hard and high as possible every time. That is what you want to train... explosiveness!

3 Drills to Improve Jumping Ability  for Your Basketball or Volleyball Team

Like all sports, basketball and volleyball requires practice, and this can be accomplished through the use of sports drills which are commonly seen throughout the practice of all branches of sports. Doing drills require time, and time is precious; therefore, it is most efficient and most beneficial for basketball or volleyball team to utilize the best drills situated for such sports.

Jumping is very important in basketball and volleyball as it is employed in a slam dunk or in a spike. In this article, three drills will be introduced that can improve the jumping ability of a basketball or volleyball team, and they will be explained.


Before we construct 3 of the best drills, we need to understand what we are trying to improve. Jumping ability, or explosive power, is the ability of how high a person can jump. Although this may seem obvious, the muscles that contribute to the effort of jumping are probably not commonly known.

The muscles responsible for the main boosting power for your explosive power are your hamstrings and your quadriceps. They can be found opposing each other in your leg. Alongside these muscles, your calves, bum and the muscles around your waist and hips contribute slightly to your ability to leap.


Now that we know the muscles that have to be worked on, we can now discover and construct some drills to better improve these muscles. Squats are the most efficient in training the muscles in your legs, but doing just squats are not beneficial to your jumping ability, only to the strength of your leg. Jumping squats, however, introduces the practice of jumping and not just bending your knees.

These jumping squats are best done after a run, and do twenty reps before taking a two-minute break.

Burpees & push ups are the second drill that we will choose, and they should be done at five-minute intervals with a two-minute break in between. For volleyball and basketball players, we need to consider the effects of the ball and the actions done while the player is in the air.

Combining burpees with push ups, this creates a perfect drill to not only improve the explosive power of the team but also their arm strength which is required in these sports.

The last drill that will have to be considered are rolling your ankles and pointing your toes; these activities can be done during a break or a rest. Although these exercises don't seem like much, they are actually very important as you jump height also depends on the form of your feet and toes. Your ankles and their flexibility increase comfort while jumping high and it decreases the chance of injury.

These three drills are optimized for improving the height of jumping through the improvement of the strength in leg muscles and the form in the feet and toes. Some of these drills are perfect for warm-ups while others can be at your leisure, but overall, as long as you follow this combo, you and your team can improve your jump height.