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Elite athletes behave and practice much differently than average athletes. The study of elite athletes had led us to some startling conclusions about how to create better athletes, or become a better athlete ourselves.

The main differences are the way elite athletes use visualization, and their practice habits. Rather than just using their imagination, they actually 'travel in time' and they inhabit the body of their future selves fully. Using the power of the mind, they teach themselves how to perform in the future moment during a game scenario.

When it comes to practice, great athletes always practice with purpose. They use 'deliberate practice' 100% of the time, to make the most of their training regimen, and advance more quickly than other players.

Ever wonder what the best coaches do, on a day to day basis, that makes them the most successful coaches? Do you wonder how different styles of coaching mesh with players, and how each of those styles of coaching is executed?

In this video, STACK goes through the 3 most important habits of coaches that are highly successful. This is an important video if you are a coach or a player, because it also teaches you how to be coached in a successful way, and what to look for in a great coach. Remember, as a player, you can also coach your coach into being more successful. That is, guide him or her in a way they will cause a more successful outcome for the entire team, in case everything is not going as smoothly as it should be.