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Ever wonder what the best coaches do, on a day to day basis, that makes them the most successful coaches? Do you wonder how different styles of coaching mesh with players, and how each of those styles of coaching is executed?

In this video, STACK goes through the 3 most important habits of coaches that are highly successful. This is an important video if you are a coach or a player, because it also teaches you how to be coached in a successful way, and what to look for in a great coach. Remember, as a player, you can also coach your coach into being more successful. That is, guide him or her in a way they will cause a more successful outcome for the entire team, in case everything is not going as smoothly as it should be.

From the outside looking in, it seems that Michael Jordan was simply a rare talent who was gifted from the beginning; possibly destined to be a champion no matter what. However, after observing his workout routine, his discipline and mindset, it doesn't take long to see that it wasn't mere luck that made him the greatest basketball player of all time.

It was well known that his commitment to improvement was unmatched among his teammates. Most of his life in professional sports revolved around improvement, and encouraging his teammates to improve. The workout schedule he set for himself was notoriously rigorous, even among the NBA elite. This is some rare footage of his warm up and practice routine that involved heavy volume weight lifting, practice taken to extremes, and constantly pushing himself to get better at the sport he loved.

Watch the video above if you need some workout inspiration or if you'd like to adopt the workout routine of a champion.