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treadmillRegardless of the basketball skill level that your team possesses, if the players cannot last very long in a game then their best moves don't really matter. That is what basketball conditioning is all about! It involves finding ways that would give players the endurance to successfully last through a game.

Long distance running can no longer cut it. Although getting in shape is important, the preparation of the body for the rigors of the game and the improvement of the players’ general performance is all about using the right conditioning techniques at the right time.

Practicing for a game? These 4 tips to teach basketball conditioning for your team will make all your players better, faster and most importantly smarter!

Use a variety of conditioning drills

It is time to get creative! While skipping rope has worked in the past, conditioning is all about being diverse. The use of audio and visual cues, asking the players to dribble while they run or even bouncing the ball continuously are diverse practices that are proven to work. You can learn effective basketball drills that will give you the most improvement for your practice time at Piranha Sports.

Focus on anaerobics

As basketball is an anaerobic sport. The energy that is required for a game is usually that of high intensity, in shorts spurts.

Therefore, when focusing on the body’s use of anaerobic energy, it is capable of recovering during the rest periods of the game as well as keep up with the fast-paced atmosphere. After an endless amount of jumping and sprinting, players can recover during the timeout period.

Always have limitations.

A good basketball conditioning workout should preferably last for about half an hour to 45 minutes. This will ensure that the team stays motivated and pick up all of the necessary skills that are needed.

Less is more

When constantly using conditioning drills, players are prone to overuse injuries. Therefore, less more. It is important to avoid excessively high exercise that will not enable the body to recover quickly. Watch out for stress fractures and sprains as they are signs of over training the athletes.

There you go! The use of the right conditioning tips will always enable the players to finish the game strong! Employ these tips and tricks and your practice sessions will never be the same again.