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If you're looking to train as a basketball shooter, or if you are a coacbasketball-shoth trying to train your team, having the right set of drills is essential in getting the players to develop their skills and perform their best on the court.

Finding the right drills to help improve your shooters is important in getting the percentage of scores up, as well as getting the team to work together to develop relationships that are useful both on and off the court.

This article aims to give you five drills to improve shooting for your team so that you can get your basketball team to the top of the league.

1. Turn and Shoot

Turn and Shoot is a very easy, but highly successful drill in developing a player's skill that combines a number of skills in one drill. The shooter should stand in the D with their back to the goal and call for passes from their teammates. Once the ball has been passed to the shooter they must get the ball under control, turn, and shoot the ball into the goal. This must continue until all players have passed the ball to the shooter.

This drill helps players to achieve better skills of getting the ball under control from different angles, as well as agility in turning and precision in goal shooting. This drill can be repeated several times and slowly sped up to improve shooting skills.

2. Agility Shooting

Agility shooting focuses on the skills of the shooter and developing them to improve shooting skill on the court and in the game. Agility shooting is a drill that sets up an agility course across the court that the player must navigate with the ball, ending with a goal shoot. This helps players to develop their skills of ball control and precision of shooting, making shooters much more proficient at dodging their competitors on the court and in the game.

The agility course can be as hard or as easy as you choose, and to make it harder players can aim to beat their personal time each time they go.

3. "45"

45 encourages players to compete against each other in order to achieve the highest score possible, which is 45. 45 is played by marking 9 spots on the floor around the semi-circle and if players make the shot then they are awarded 5 points.

This makes a perfect score 45 points, and the winner is the player with the highest score. This gives players much more motivation to play the drill, as thy are competing against their teammates and improves their skill of shooting from different angles on the court.

4. One Handed Shots

basketball-shootingOne-handed shots are important in getting coordination in both arms and practicing shooting in order to achieve higher precision and a higher percentage of scoring. This drill is very simply done by performing 10 shots with each arm. You can practice this up against the wall or with a basket.

This drill helps players to develop strength and coordination in the arms so that players have the endurance and precision that they need to perform well on the court and in the game. One-handed shots can be used as a warm up before a proper practice, or as a cool down in order to bring the heart rate down slowly and safely.

5. Catch and Shoot

Catch and shoot is another simple drill that practices the player's skill at shooting from different angles. In this drill, the team pairs up and each pair has a ball. Player A has the ball and passes to player B who then passes back to A. Player A then shoots the ball to the goal.

This is then repeated in different areas around the shooting area so that each player has a turn as the shooter. This practices both passing and shooting, as well as coordination and precision, both of which help your team work together to get a score.

Here are some drills you can teach your team so that they can go out and practice by themselves in their spare time, if they like:

Drills are an essential part of training a team, as little things can make a huge different when trying to develop your team's skills.

We hope that this article has given you five useful shooting drills for your team and helped you to produce a great plan for training your team, bringing them closer as teammates and developing their skills so that they can win the spot at the top of the leader board.